How local government can reduce customer enquiry costs by 60% in just 6 months

Whilst making processes effortless and stress-free!

IntelAgent Dashboard

Widely Trusted By Local Government & The Public Sector...

IntelAgent customers

Monmouthshire County Council
reduced waste enquiries by 54% in 6 months...

And used their reclaimed time to handle complex issues for society’s most vulnerable!

IntelAgent review

'Our organisation deals with a lot of complex issues. IntelAgent gives us the opportunity to deal with thousands more queries 24/7/365 in a cost-effective way, freeing up our front-line staff to deal with the things where people in our communities really need a human response.'

- Matt Gatehouse
Matt Gatehouse
Matt Gatehouse

Head of Policy Performance and Scrutiny at Monmouthshire County Council

West Berkshire automate over 11,000 monthly enquiries around waste collection, parking permits, small business advice, lockdown food deliveries, and highways issues.

Leaving more time to support the people really in need of the human touch...

IntelAgent customer result
“Mental health, addiction, dependency... I’d rather my team take the time
to deal with these calls properly than answer endless queries that
can be easily automated”. 

- Matt Scalpelo

Matthew Scalpelo
Matt Scalpello

Applications Development Manager at West Berkshire Council

From Covid to Council Tax; Herefordshire Council 
effortlessly automated 30,000 low value, high volume interactions in just 3 months

Leading to a 15% drop in calls and emails during the same time period.

IntelAgent Results
Andy Churcher
Andy Churcher

Programme Manager: Digital, Technology and Systems at Herefordshire Council 

IntelAgent press

Who this is for?

Senior figures within Local Government who are responsible for budgets, revenues and/or operational efficiencies.

  • CEOs and COOs
  • Heads of Operations
  • ​Heads of Communication
  • ​Heads of Customer Service
  • Heads of Performance and Resourcesaeads
  • ​Elected Members
You're hardworking and citizen-focused. You need to drive continuous operational efficiencies across your council by doing 'more with less'. 

You need ways of generating revenues or collecting revenues more quickly and seamlessly.

You know that public perception of the council can always be improved, and you want to deliver on your responsibilities to residents, however…

Your teams are struggling with high volumes of repetitive telephone calls and email enquiries, they feel;

• Overwhelmed
• Frustrated
• Demoralised, and...
• Under constant pressure to hit outdated KPIs

You need to help citizen-facing staff find a way to quickly, accurately, and efficiently respond to enquiries without increasing team headcount or demanding even more of the current personnel. But your resources and attention feel constantly stretched…

You know that there must be a way to decrease non-essential citizen calls and emails. And you know that the effects of directing Council resources to support vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged residents can often be life-changing.

You also know that if you could make your team’s roles more fulfilling, it would improve morale, and have a massive positive impact on the service they deliver, but…

You're growing tired of increasing demands and decreasing budgets. Frustrated citizens and team members can be a constant challenge.

You’re also likely concerned that handling public money, means you're under additional pressure to make the right choices. Additional scrutiny on finances means you have to invest wisely.

You may be aware of the potential of automation, but you’re acutely conscious of the ‘job loss’ fears surrounding the topic and need to better understand how you can navigate this effectively.

Even though it's not true, people in your position often think service automation tools like chatbots and digital assistants are a risky investment. 

It could be deemed a waste of public money or worse… that they could contribute to job losses! 

You’ve probably heard mixed reports about this type of technology, and wonder if it can genuinely help citizens and support your staff.

Maybe you've already tried to implement self-service tools like apps and portals before, but it didn’t work out. That's no one's fault! 

The fact is, app download numbers have dropped dramatically in recent years. There is a lot of friction in the download process, and there are growing privacy concerns surrounding the major app stores and 'big players' like Apple and Google. 

Studies show that 84% of mobile users’ time today is spent using only 5 of their favourite apps. Chances are (with respect!), a Local Authority app isn't one of them.

As for self-serve portals… unfortunately, they are often set up to fail for the following reasons: 

- Citizens are often unaware of them
- They ask too much of the citizens (too many clicks, remembering usernames, passwords etc)
- They’re clunky, unintuitive and hard to navigate
- They’re hard to update, meaning information quickly becomes obsolete

And yet…

Big technology companies charge a small fortune for these outdated platforms, leaving you and your teams struggling, overwhelmed and locked into expensive contracts!

But what if there was another way?

There is... 

We’re excited to tell you about it because it’s an important step forward in serving your citizens, and it's a step that should be taken sooner rather than later. Every day of inaction steals time away from supporting society’s most vulnerable (domestic abuse victims, the homeless, the economically disadvantaged, the old and isolated). Unfortunately, it's these citizens that pay for Local Government inefficiencies every single day. 

You can make a real difference in their lives! 

Covid-19 taught us all a lot of lessons, and we saw first-hand how digitising and automating manual activities returned time to stretched teams. That time was used by our Local Government clients to make a massive difference in the lives of those most in need. This is why we’re so passionate about helping Local Authorities deliver on their commitments to the public.

Inefficiencies in the Public Sector can have far more serious consequences than those in the private sector. When Public Sector workers are bogged down with manual, repetitive, high volume, low-value activities, VERY REAL consequences can play out; 

- Victims of abuse can continue to suffer
- People struggling to find financial support can be left homeless
- The elderly and isolated can feel scared and lonely 
- In the most extreme of cases, people can lose their lives

“Business as usual” is not an option anymore. 

Local Authorities are often (unfairly) highlighted as the point of failure, and the buck can stop with you.

It's a massive responsibility, and when things go wrong people in your position can find themselves in the public firing line. The good news is, we can start making progress toward fixing many of these issues today.

By implementing technology like this, you are showing support for your citizens' growing desire to self-serve.


Doing so releases your team’s time to help those incapable of self-serve, which is what’s really important!

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use of digital tools used to access council services and being in such an important position, you need to build a strong self-serve strategy. 

Now there's the Ukrainian crisis, the fuel crisis, the cost of living crisis. These are not normal times, and we can't rely on business as usual.

Citizens know this, and are happy to self-serve; they don't want to call and be on hold for long periods or wait days for an email reply. They often appreciate your resources are stretching to breaking point, and don't want to bother your teams with menial enquiries.

Don't ignore the huge opportunity in front of you... Citizens expect to self-serve and are willing and ready to do so. Please don’t fail them, or your team!

Doing more, with less...

What if you could quickly and easily make a real impact on your business and your residents?

The truth is, you could implement a mobile app or self-service portal to try and lower contact volumes, but we've already pointed out the issues this creates (lack of downloads, low usage, forgotten usernames and passwords, and new tools to learn).  

Ultimately citizens will revert to picking up the phone or sending an email because the process of self-serve is less (not more) convenient for them.

And this is why we created a digital assistant solution that doesn't just answer simple citizen enquiries; it executes complex tasks (like taking payments, booking appointments, and documenting reports) too.

Our powerful IntelAgent solution is built specifically for Local Governments to rapidly build and easily integrate digital assistants that leverage a branch of artificial intelligence called natural language understanding (NLU). All without having to write a line of code.

This means that citizens can type or talk naturally to your council's digital assistant (whether it lives on your website, within your mobile app, inside of your self-serve portal, on WhatsApp, Facebook, or even inside smart speakers like Alexa) and get faster, automated access to the information and services they need. 

IntelAgent is the most widely used and ONLY platform dedicated entirely to solving the citizen service automation problem for Local Government. 

It’s simple to implement, easy to use and creates powerful results for you, your team and your citizens.

Our background and experience

Paul Shepherd IntelAgent CEO
Paul Shepherd, Founder and CEO
Our company was founded in 2017 and our partners include Google, Agilisys, Socitm, 8x8, and many more.

Our investors include institutional firms like The British Business Bank and The Development Bank of Wales.

We've worked with many Local Authorities across the UK; West Berkshire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Central Bedfordshire, Oadby & Wigston, Bridgend, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Rugby, Havering, Barking & Dagenham... the list goes on.

We are endorsed by our customers, and we recently won Best Public Sector Automation firm 2021!

We’ve also won StartUp of the Year, Technology Start Up of the Year, Tech Nation Rising Star, and Top 5 Global chatbot platform, so you’re in safe hands!

It all started when our Founder Paul Shepherd saw first hand how social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook were becoming widely adopted as customer service channels by businesses in America. 

Paul started a digital agency with the mission to educate UK companies on how to implement these new channels to serve customers more efficiently. 

The agency was successful, and that planted a seed; how can customer service channels be automated, to solve the issue of the repetitive customer enquiries.

Paul looked for an easy and affordable solution, but there wasn’t one. The solutions he tried ended up creating more workload! So…

Paul hired a team and shared his vision to build the best solution on the market for drastically reducing customer service teams' workloads, whilst increasing satisfaction scores... and it worked!

Paul took a closer look at which industries were most in need of support like this, and that led to the IntelAgent team creating a very specific solution for Local Government, a sector across which their solution could make a very real, very 'human' difference.

Meet the team

Product Director
Karyn IntelAgent
Customer Success Director
Adrianna IntelAgent
 Front-end Engineer
Ivan IntelAgent
Software Engineer
Mark IntelAgent
Software Engineer
Bastian IntelAgent
Software Engineer
Etnik IntelAgent
Software Engineer

How to rapidly reduce citizen enquiries by 60% in just 6 months

Step 1: Understand your call volumes, email volumes, contact topics, and cost to serve, to identify which contacts would be the easiest to automate, and 
have the biggest IMMEDIATE impact!

How to reduce call centre enquiries

Old way: Painfully inefficient

  • Minimal, or zero oversight of cost to serve, contact types, call volumes, call and email topics. No understanding of conversational data
  • ​Foggy understanding of how to efficiently handle and automate high volume, low value contacts at scale, across all service areas

New way: Complete control

  • Use IntelAgent to rapidly build digital assistants that automate the highest volume, lowest value contacts
  • ​Reduce time and costs by 60%, and help your teams support the citizens that need them most
  • ​Easily understand how long it takes and how much it costs to handle enquiries
  • ​Gain crystal clarity on your team's performance and your citizen's needs

Old result: Missed service targets, low team morale

  • 'Firefighting' team inefficiencies, stretched resources and missed CSAT targets
  • ​Low citizen satisfaction scores
  • ​Serious time and money wasted hiring, training and managing teams

New result: Achieving targets

  • Drastically improve citizen satisfaction scores (no more long call waiting times and painful passing between departments)
  • ​Eliminate all wasted resources and energy hiring, training and managing full time, or temporary staff during peak times
  • ​Make intelligent, data based decisions and gain complete confidence in your management

Save 46,874 days!...

Our team analysed 10 million calls across 50 UK councils and discovered the industry standard ‘cost to serve’ was £1 per call minute and an average call length was 5 minutes. 

The total 'cost to serve' across these 50 councils was around £50million.

The total 'time to serve’ came to 833,333 hours, or 104,166 working days...

With an average contact reduction rate of 45%, IntelAgent could save 46,874 days!*
*time savings = full time employee reduction of 4 agents that could be retrained and/or deployed to more value-added areas of the council

Step 2: Use our simple drag and drop builder to automate answers and resolutions

How to reduce call centre enquiries

Old way:  Manually answer citizen enquiries

  • Hire, train and manage team members, often increasing headcount at peak times
  • ​Manually answer the same repetitive enquiries over and over again

New way: Effortlessly automate solving enquiries

  • Work with us and create powerful workflows that resolve citizens enquiries quickly and completely for less money
  • ​Focus your motivated team on helping society's most vulnerable with complex cases 

Did you know?...

A OnePoll study has found that 26% of our time in work is wasted on processes that could (and should) be automated. The majority of these processes relate to manually dealing with repetitive, high volume, low value customer enquiries. 

These issues can be solved by digital assistants, and citizens are growing to expect this kind of self-serve tool. In fact, a study by Dimension Data says 70% of consumers now expect a company’s website to include a self-service application!

Step 3: Tell your citizens that the power to easily self-serve is now in their hands!

How to reduce call centre enquiries

Old way: Firefighting inbound enquiries, from everywhere!

  • Your citizens would write to you, or...
  • Call you...
  • ​Perhaps send an email
  • ​Or, submit a form on your website
  • Maybe you even launched a mobile app 
  • ​Or, built an expensive self serve portal

New way: Multi-channel contact all in the same place!

  • Develop a digital assistant using IntelAgent and have it ‘live’ anywhere ...
  • ​On your website (including your intranet)!
  • ​Across your mobile app
  • ​On top of messaging apps (like WhatsApp), and
  • ​Even in smart speakers where it can be interacted with by voice (the truly frictionless interface)!

Old result

  • Citizens frustrated by long hold times, or being bounced between departments having to repeat the same information over and over…
  • ​High cost to serve
  • ​Little feedback, and no data to drive continuous improvement loops
  • Longer than necessary resolution times
  • ​Imperfect data entry, leading to unreliable metrics
  • ​Time and money wasted

New result

  • Much higher citizen propensity to self-serve
  • ​Instant, consistent answers and resolutions
  • Detailed user data to measure successes and areas for improvement
  • ​Reduced call volumes, email volumes, and traffic through manual channels
  • ​Less time dealing with high volume, low value contacts
  • ​More time to support people with complex issues
  • ​More fulfilled team members
  • Higher standards of citizen service
  • ​Higher citizen sentiment scores
  • ​Redeployment of human and financial resources into critical services

Don't just take our word for it...

“We are now grabbing people from the website and channelling them them through the bot to more targeted information!”  

- Matt Scalpello, West Berkshire Council

3 simple steps could drastically reduce council contact volumes, and free up your teams.

Step 1

Understand call volumes, topics, and cost to serve, so that you can identify which contacts would be the easiest to automate, and have the biggest immediate impact.

Step 2

Use IntelAgent's simple drag and drop builder to automate answers and resolutions.

Step 3

Inform your citizens about your new automated self-serve digital assistant.

You have two options...

Option #1
stay where you are
same actions. same results.
  • Waste time answering repetitive contacts
  • Waste public money on inefficient processes
  • Hire more FTE or expensive agency staff for peaks times
  • Deal with low CSAT scores and citizen sentiment levels
  • Lack data that could provide clear direction
  • Maintain painstaking, manual processes
  • Using outdated systems that aren't fit for modern services
Option #2
let us help you
start making an impact today
  • Use conversational data to inform strategy
  • Save hundreds of thousands £££
  • Give your team the time they need for complex issues
  • Improve CSAT scores and citizen sentiment
  • Gain real clarity on team performance
  • Easily manage peaks and troughs in contact levels
  • Prove you are truly a citizen centric organisation

Full breakdown to save you time...

Option 1: Keep doing what you're doing. Same actions. Same results.

You could hire more team members (either permanently or on a temporary basis) to deal with your busiest times. But adding headcount is expensive, slow and bureaucratic. New agents need weeks of training and management, only to still be dealing with repetitive, often low value citizen enquiries. 

Or, apply more pressure to your existing teams by increasing targets and KPIs. Short term, this could work. Long term, this will promote wrong behaviour and drive down staff morale, ultimately leaving your citizens to suffer poor service as agents rush to answer more calls.

Option 2: Let us help you.

Work with us to quickly, easily and inexpensively install an already proven, local government power tool and deliver unprecedented levels of success and service. 

By doing this you will save both time and money, whilst giving your team and citizens the support they need. 

Our customers experience lower levels of repetitive enquiries, and are month on month efficiency gains and improved morale.

Are you next?

“IntelAgent have been an excellent company to work with, very flexible on our requirements and very proactive!”

- Julian Williams. Applications Manager, Carmarthenshire County Council

IntelAgent is the #1 tool for senior figures within 
local government

Responsible for budgets, revenues and/or operational efficiencies.

UK Local Authorities using IntelAgent to achieve 
amazing results...

Simple changes are having a positive impact in months...

Abigail Barton
“We have already given 100s of hours of time back to the contact centre!”

Abigail Barton, Head of Communications at Pembrokeshire Council  
“Our organisation deals with a lot of complex issues. IntelAgent gives us the opportunity to deal with thousands more queries 24/7/365 in a cost-effective way, freeing up our front-line staff to deal with the things where people in our communities really need a human response.”

- Matthew Gatehouse, Head of Policy Performance and Scrutiny at Monmouthshire County Council
Matthew Gatehouse
Gabrielle Mancini
“IntelAgent streamlines user experience, decreases dwell time and impacts call centre volumes. IntelAgent can’t do enough for us, this has been a very positive experience.”

- Gabrielle Mancini, Customer Engagement & Transformation at West Berkshire Council
“Being able to handle high volumes of Covid-19, waste collection and council tax enquiries via the digital assistant has led to a 15% reduction in calls and emails across all services. We have released customer contact agents’ time to focus on Herefordshire’s less digitally savvy, and higher vulnerability citizens.”

- Andy Churcher, Programme Manager: Digital, Technology and Systems at Herefordshire Council

Andy Churcher
IntelAgent Review
“IntelAgent have been an excellent company to work with, very flexible on our requirements and very proactive”

- Julian Williams, Applications Manager at Carmarthenshire County Council

Benefits and outcomes

  • Resolve citizen enquires and complaints immediately
  • ​Consistently decrease incoming calls and emails
  • ​Offer a powerful, seamless 24/7 service
  • ​Generate revenue faster through secure bot payments
  • ​Collect incredibly powerful data and drive continual improvements
  • ​Drastically increase positive citizen sentiment scores and satisfaction metrics
  • ​Gain complete clarity on your contact centre traffic and performance
  • ​Understand how effective and efficient your teams really are
  • ​Free valuable time for your team to focus on resolving meaningful, complex cases
  • ​Radically improve your team's morale 
  • ​Motivate your team to support vulnerable citizens
  • ​Redeploy contact centre agents to high value, high impact projects
  • ​Make a real, measurable impact helping societies vulnerable
  • ​Happier citizens, team, CFO and elected members

Everything you need to drive revenue, reduce costs, and delight your citizens

Features + 
How it works

IntelAgent Chatbot™

If previously you wanted to facilitate citizen self service, you would have to spend thousands of pounds building a mobile application (for Apple and Android devices), promote the application, hope citizens took the time to download the application and learn its interface so they'd knew how to self-serve. 

Alternatively you could spend thousands of pounds on a self-service portal, promote that portal, hope citizens created an account for the portal, remembered their login credentials, and use the portal to self-serve. 

But now, you can use IntelAgent to rapidly build digital assistants, and launch them on your website, social media channels and messaging apps like WhatsApp, meaning citizens can easily access the services they need over the channel they most regularly choose to use without having to download apps, create accounts, remember login details, or encounter any of the friction that has hampered previous self-serve efforts. 

Can you imagine how easy this would be?

Intuitive IntelAgent Dashboards™

If previously you wanted to truly understand why your citizens contacted you, when they contacted you, which enquiries were most easily remedied, which needed more specialist knowledge, empathy and emotional intelligence, and how your citizens felt about the service they received… you would have to ask your contact centre teams, listen back through recorded calls, analyse CRM wrap notes, run citizen surveys and generally cobble together disparate quantitative and qualitative datasets…

But now, using IntelAgent’s beautiful and intuitive dashboards you can easily access key citizen insights to better understand and better serve your citizens. Better understand what times of day, days of week, weeks of month and month of year you experience peaks and troughs. 

Delve deep into the topics of most concern, and continually build new data driven resolutions into your digital assistants. 

Forget asking multiple departments for multiple reports, simply choose the data range you want to analyse and watch the key metrics generate. Download and share key reports at the click of a button.

IntelAgent Notify™

Finally, before if you wanted to proactively push important key messages to a certain demographic within your constituency, you would have to rely on letters, emails, social media, websites, SMS, and maybe even phone calls - consuming, and expensive!

With IntelAgent Notify™ you can quickly and easily build a powerful mini ‘campaigns’. 

For example, you could encourage people to vote in local elections, or let them know about a change in the bin route. You could push this message directly to all, or to a selected group instantaneously!

And what’s even better? 

IntelAgent Notify™ notifications average a response rate of 28% (against an email response rate of 2%). You can be sure your message is seen way more often, further reducing incoming enquiries and citizen confusion - and for free!

Cut your costs with IntelAgent™

Here's what you get...

12 Month Unlimited IntelAgent™ Subscription

Gain full access to all IntelAgent features listed above! Build, integrate, train, test and deploy digital assistants quickly and easily.

Complete Call and Email Analysis

Easily identify ‘low hanging fruit’ and rapidly make intelligent, data driven decisions to automate the work you need help with the most. Immediately reduce calls and emails, whilst dedicating your teams time to high impact tasks.

Tested Self-Serve Workflows and Content

Launch highly logical and engaging workflows, pre-programmed with answers proven to reduce enquiries and make citizens happy. Be successful and increase efficiency from day one.

IntelAgent™ ROI Calculator

Quickly remove all ‘technology investment risk’ and feel confident in your decision with a solid business case that underpins your investment rationale to all stakeholders. We’re so confident of the incredible results you’ll see (and we understand your decision making process) that we’ll support you with everything you need to show the board, elected members and the public, to get the results you need.

Secret Self-Serve Guidebook

Access our helpful guidebook which shows you the exact step by step process of a smooth and successful digital assistant launch. We’ve created best practices and secret tips from our customers making it easy for you to understand and master citizen self-serve and maximise call deflection and email reduction, effortlessly!

Limited offer

3 free bonuses
(worth £10,000)

Free Waste Collection Digital Assistant

We know that waste collection enquiries are a huge waste of time for you and your team. Our expert team will build, program and deploy a powerful waste collection digital assistant for you. This digital assistant has been tried and tested to reduce waste enquiries by up to 80%!

Free and Fast Deployment

Live in minutes! Don’t take up any more of your team's time. Our Deployment Team will launch your digital assistant on your website with little resource needed from your side.

Free Team Training

Save hours and ramp your team to become experts so they can add more and more service areas based on detailed user data.


Are the digital assistants secure? 
We are GDPR compliant and ISO27001 accredited. Security comes as standard when you work with us.
Can this work with Azure, Oracle, and other infrastructure?
Yes, we are infrastructure agnostic and API led. We can work directly with your technical team to ensure IntelAgent is integrated correctly.
How long does it take to get started?
Just minutes. Click on the ‘Get A Price’ button, speak directly with one of our experts to discover exactly how IntelAgent could work for your specific needs. 
How much work will I need to do?
Your teams can be on hands on or hands off as they like. We’ll analyse your data for free and recommend best practices. We can build out your digital assistants for you, or train your teams on our drag and drop builder and the wider IntelAgent platform.
What if I can’t get the call or email data you need?
We can help you to do this, but even without that data we have such vast experience in the local government sector that there are very solid estimates we can use to inform the project and the ROI of your digital assistant deployment.
Have you done this for other local government clients?
We are the most widely used digital assistant platform in the Local Government sector. We have deployed for Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, West Berkshire, Oadby and Wigston, Havering, Rugby, Central Bedfordshire… and many more local authorities!
How do we know citizens will actually use our digital assistant?
79% of people now expect you to use chatbots and digital assistants, citizens want you to make it easier for them to self-serve. 

Remember, when you join us you’ll gain full access to our ‘Citizen self-serve promotion guidebook’. A few examples, of ways our customers encourage use; 

- Easily link your chatbot from your social channels. 
- Add to your email signature.
- Pin social posts about your digital assistant.
- Add encouraging instructions into your IVR system.
- Blog about your digital assistant. 
- Run competitions to name your bot

There are countless methods and the more awareness raised, the more citizens will adopt the channel, meaning more time for you and your team to support the people that really need help!
But, our citizens like to use the phone to contact us?
The phone is the most commonly used channel because it’s the longest established channel, and there has never been another viable choice when immediate answers are needed. 

But digital assistants are being more widely adopted; Huffington Post says that 79% of people now expect businesses to use chatbots and/or digital assistants, and by offering this channel to the people willing and able to use it, you are freeing up your phone lines for the people that are less digitally savvy - often the elderly, in someway isolated and/or disadvantaged.
What will make the biggest impact most quickly, and how can you be sure?
We’ve done this many times for Local Authorities, and our experience makes it pretty easy to know where your biggest gains are to be had. 

We also assess your call data and talk to your customer service teams to validate our assumptions. 

We can help you make an immediate impact!
We’re already really stretched for resources. How much of my team’s time are you going to need to launch our digital assistant?
We appreciate how stretched resources can be, that’s why we’ve made it possible for your digital assistant to go live with zero input from you. How does this work? We have tested, pre built frameworks that cover your service lines and will support citizen self-serve. 

All you need to do is copy and paste a line of code into your website. 
How do I know it’s working?
Our IntelAgent platform has an intuitive and powerful data dashboard. You will be able to quickly and easily see key data points like; number of users, repeat users, levels of ‘full automation’ vs ‘triage’ (i.e. the bot has taken information and passed your citizen to the most appropriate human agent), citizen sentiment, key topics and much more! 

Also, don’t underestimate the good will factor; citizens will appreciate your citizen centric approach and the fact you are supporting their desire to self-serve.
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